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Please see our frequently-asked questions below. For any additional questions or concerns about your user ID, password or log-in information please contact your Investment Advisor, or call 604-697-7100 / 1-800-663-9499.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I've forgotten my user ID and password. How do I retrieve them?
    Please click Forgot Password.
  • Can I change my user ID and password?
    You can change your password at any time. However, your user ID cannot be changed.
    To change your password, log in and select "Change Password" on the main page of the Client Centre.
  • I tried to log in to the Client Centre but I've been locked out. Why?
    You may be entering your user ID and/or password incorrectly. After five failed attempts at logging in, the access will be locked. Please contact your Investment Advisor to obtain your user ID and/or password.
  • Sometimes after I've logged in I am notified that my session has expired, and I have to log in again. Why does this happen?
    For security reasons, your session will expire after a period of inactivity. An expiration is set to protect your account should your computer be left unattended.